Dirty Tongue

by Dirty Tongue

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RancidBrainMatter thumbnail
RancidBrainMatter bought it for Planet with a Ring... discovered wicked excellent cover of War Pigs... Favorite track: Planet with a Ring.
Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones thumbnail
Frederick Jones This album just plain rocks. It's the Sabbath cover that steals the show for me though. This is the most unique version of War Pigs I have ever heard. Stellar in ever way. Will be playing this one alot. Favorite track: War Pigs (Black Sabbath).
ΛΔΛΜ thumbnail
ΛΔΛΜ Impressive first offering. The Sabbath cover is worth the price of admission alone. Favorite track: War Pigs (Black Sabbath).
Morts thumbnail
Morts Really cool little collection of tracks to rock out with! Not your typical stoner metal sound, there's a bit of variety to keep you mentally active as well as physically. The time recording War Pigs, however, may have been more constructively spent on a less commonly covered song or another of their own as it is no match for the original or the Faith No More versions. Favorite track: Son of a King.
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released July 14, 2013

Miguel Arroyo - Guitars, Bass
Adolfo Torres - Drums, Vocals
Juan P Jaramillo - Guitar on track 2
Mike Di Stasi Jr. - Vocals on track 3
Engineered by Juan P Jaramillo
Produced by Dirty Tongue
Dirty Tongue is: Miguel Arroyo, Adolfo Torres and Juan P Jaramillo
Artwork and design by: Olivia Marie Williams


all rights reserved



Dirty Tongue Boston, Massachusetts

Dirty Tongue is a rock band from Boston, Massachusetts formed in 2010 by guitarist Miguel Arroyo and drummer Adolfo Torres during their time attending Berklee College of Music.

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Track Name: Son of a King
"The world in flames is the place to be in"
My father said it's where I'd succeed
But there is nothing left, no more to see
Man has devoured all ahead of me

I am the prince without a kingdom free
With every breath men whisper agony
I am the devil's son believe me please
For this entire world belongs to me

Why have you brought me here?
They already live in fear

And I can't tell if it's night or day
Black smoke it fills every pore, on the earth where I lay
There's death on everything
Let me out, for I'm the Son of a King
Track Name: Stillness
Clouds in the sky
Pour light into the dead

Marching through the mud
tearing life apart

The young lay in peace
As their father's flag dances in the wind
Oh lord...
Track Name: Planet with a Ring
Like the homicide dog to the suicide bone
The paranoid kid left all alone
The petrified ghost brought to life at school
One leg for 26 point 2
The fear in my heart that any moment you will die
The terror in my head that in my pocket is my spy
This hand in my chest, these eyes in my side
The roller coaster ride that fed the starved Atlantic tide
Follow me out
To Planet With A Ring
Calls us to its rim
Calls us from within where we unite
For evermore

I am the one who has been seen
Trying to blow up the machine
My words conjure up the past
My views are poison to the mass

2 terms on your throne,
Come down face us all

Your power's made you a creature of the wild
A selfish animal that sleeps on higher ground

Now I am King
I sing of ascension from Lucifer's wing
From Earth's decent
Ring illuminate, endless love for all

I am the one who has been heard
The rage you feel is blessed and ready to be shared
Let us not overthrow, but run away from here
Far from this empty shell to the planet with a ring

Now I am King
I sing of ascension from Lucifer's wing
From Earth's decent
Ring illuminate, I dream of

An end to pointless life taking, a life to endless love making
An end to pointless life taking, a life to endless love
Endless love making

I stormed up to the Earth to destroy
There I realized this is not my thing
It's not in me to induce more pain
My pop's best at what he does

I'm just tryna rock!
Jam, Jam, start up a rock roll band
Jam, Jam, play in a rock roll band
Rock! Jam, start up a rock roll band
Jam, Rock! Play in a rock roll

There's some ugly fucked up shit on Earth.
I know I'm the Devil's son
We must start a rock'n'roll band
To rock out with everyone
Planet with a ring—our end goal
And rock'n'roll—our vehicle
Rock'n'roll brings us together.
Together we're indestructible

Through our pain, we are together
With our love, we are together
As we rock, we are together
Rock'n'roll, my father's maker

Rock can never be created
Rock can never be destroyed
Rock can only be converted
We must rock out in our own way

Sting of pain, we are together
Strength of love, we are together
We shall rock out to punk and heavy metal
Rock'n'roll, my father's breaker

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